Model 1 B – FIGURE 2

The motor 10 and the generator 20 are fixed on the black arm 40. The black arm 40 rotates on the central axis fixed on the structure 81. The motor 10 rotates the blue gear 1, 24 teeth CW on the fixed gear 2, the red gear 30, 48 teeth rotates CCW inside the fixed gear 37. The 20 kilowatts motor10, rotates the blue gear 1, 24 teeth on the fixed gear 2 which rotates the black arm 40 CW which rotates the red gear 30, the generator 20 CCW which as 48 teeth, the generator produce 40 kilowatts less normal losses. 

Here we double the torque of the motor 10 on the generator 20 by which the blue as 24 teeth and the red gear as 48 teeth.

VERY IMPORTANT IN THIS INVENTION. The rotor rotation of the rotor generator 20 is the same rotation of the rotation of the rotor motor 10.

The battery starts the motor 10, the motor 10 and the multiplier rotates continuously.