This model is not shown because this model is very, very far ahead of everything that exists for cars, electric vehicles. Auto, truck, bus completely autonomous with a battery of 40 kilos. NO RARE EARTH. This model will be presented in a few months.


Richard Arel is from Canada, has been owner for 20 years of the (Restaurant Madrid wikipedia). The most famous restaurant in Canada owned by a private owner. Richard Arel built at the beginning of the years 80 three of the first Monster Trucks in the world. (Monster Truck Wikipedia). Patent: (pdf file)

Richard Arel has built several machines with new operations, has a great experience in mechanical operations, engine and generator, engine and hydraulic pump.
His research began in 2000 with three other people. He made at least 500 prototypes, tried over 800 operations, and invested $ 2 millions in his researches.